THE C WORD - an epic origin story

THE C WORD - an epic origin story


It all started with a craving. A craving for something sweet, something delicious, and something that was good for the planet. And that's how the C word was born in Sydney, in April 2019.

The team of cookie artisans had a vision: to create the most awesome and mouth-watering cookies using plant-based, wholegrain, sustainable, minimally refined, and organic ingredients. They started small, selling their cookies at local farmers' markets, where they quickly gained a loyal following of cookie aficionados.

Even the pandemic couldn't stop them, although it presented many challenges. But they adapted to the times, delivering their freshly-baked cookies directly to their customers' doors, in Sydney and beyond. And they didn't compromise on quality - their cookies were always made with the same love and passion as they were when they first started.

So, they decided to take it up a notch. In a bold move, they opened up a storefront in Surry Hills, hoping to share their cookies with even more people. But it didn't quite work out as planned. The daily grind of running a storefront took away from the joy of baking and connecting with their customers.

They took a break, rested, and reset. Even considered closing down. But they rose again, and when they returned, they went back to their roots. Doing what they did best - selling their cookies at small markets and delivering them straight to their customers nation-wide.

Nowadays, the scent of fresh cookies still fills the air, as the team of artisans continues to bake up their signature treats with love and passion. They may be small, but they are mighty, with a loyal community of cookie lovers who appreciate their commitment to quality and sustainability.

The C word has come a long way, and their epic origin story is a testament to the power of hard work, passion, and a whole lot of delicious cookies.
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